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Part -10 | Federal financial procedures- the constitution of nepal 2072/2015

art-10 Federal Financial Procedures 115. No tax to be levied or loan to be raised: (1) No tax shall be levied and collected except in accordance with law. (2) No loan shall be raised and guarantee given by the Government of Nepal except as provided for in the Federal law. …

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Part-9 | Federal legislative procedures- The constitution of Nepal 2072/2015

Part-9 Federal Legislative Procedures 109. Legislative powers of Federal Parliament: The legislative powers of the Federal Parliament shall be as enumerated in the lists of Schedule-5, Schedule- 7 and Schedule-9. 110. Procedures for introduction of Bills: (1) A Bill may, subject to this Constitution, be introduced in any House of …

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Part-8 | Federal legislature- The constitution of Nepal 2072/2015

Part-8 Federal Legislature 83. Federal Legislature: There shall be a Federal Legislature consisting of two Houses to be known as the House of Representatives and the National Assembly, which shall be called as the Federal Parliament. 84. Composition of House of Representatives: (1) The House of Representatives shall consist of …

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Part-7| Federal executive- The constitution of Nepal 2072/2015

Part-7 Federal Executive 74. Form of government: The form of government of Nepal shall be multi-party, competitive, federal, democratic, republican, parliamentary form of government based on pluralism. 75. Executive power: (1) The executive power of Nepal shall, pursuant to this Constitution and law, be vested in the Council of Ministers. …

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